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Brewers Info

Brewer Info

To all brewers:

To make it easier to communicate with you and easier for you to register your brewery and competition beers, use the link below with the password which will be mailed to you.

Important note: Due to recent changes in the SLA laws and their growing interest in the craft brewing industry, different permits are required to attend craft brew events that are held off of your licensed premise. Please follow the directions below based on your category to be in compliance with SLA regulations.


To participate in TAP New York, all brewers recognized as "Breweries" in New York State must hold a Marketing Permit which allows you to conduct tastings off-premises.

Note: The application process for this permit has been moved to an on-line form. If you acquired a three-year permit last year prior to our event, you will be compliant for the next two years. If you only acquired a one year permit last year, you will need to re-apply through the SLA website at this link. You will be applying for a Marketing Permit, either a 3 year permit for $395 or a one-time permit for $25. If you will be attending other festivals over the year, it makes sense to get the three year permit.

Brewpubs/Restaurant Brewers Only

Please call us at 518-514-8140 for information regarding the required permitting for TAP New York.

Click Here to Register Your Brewery

If you are a brewer and you are having problems logging in, e-mail here.

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