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Frequently Asked Questions

When is TAP New York?
TAP New York is almost always held the last full weekend in April. In 2018 it will be held on April 28 &29.

Where is TAP New York held?
TAP New York is held at Hunter Mountain in upstate New York. For specific directions, click here

How much is admission to TAP New York?
Click on Purchase Tickets above for pricing.

How old do I have to be to attend?
The drinking age in New York State is 21. Therefore, you must be 21 years of age or older to attend TAP New York. Valid ID must be carried at all times and produced upon request. No infants, children or anyone under the age of 21 will be permitted to enter the event. This includes infants in strollers or infants carried by a parent. For the benefit and safety of your children and all other attendees, please make arrangements to leave the kids at home with a sitter or with friends or relatives.

Is TAP New York an indoor or outdoor event?
Both. TAP New York is held inside and outside of the base lodge at Hunter Mountain. The festival takes up the entire base lodge, but also overflows outside under several large tents, with an open "courtyard" area open to the sun. The weather at Hunter Mountain in the northern Catskills at the end of April can range anywhere from 30° to 70° during the day.

Will I need to eat before attending?
No. A big part of TAP New York is the food. There will be plenty to eat. This is one big plus that sets TAP New York apart from other beer festivals.

How much can I drink?
TAP New York reserves the right to refuse alcohol to anyone who appears to have had enough to drink. We're concerned about your safety, so please do not drink... at all... and drive. This is why we have offered Designated Driver tickets since the beginning. Upon entering, you will receive chits for 10 samples. If you wish to have more, additional chits will be available at a guest services counter.

What else will I have to buy?
Well, you'll certainly want an official TAP New York T-shirt. Other than that, there will be many vendors selling glassware, gourmet foods, various t-shirts and beer-related attire, as well as many other beer-related items. But you don't have to buy anything else once you have your admission tickets.

Festival Rules

1. Please do not drink and drive. Make plans accordingly. Designated drivers are not permitted to drink alcohol and will not be sold any alcoholic beverages.

2. Promotional photos and videos will be taken at the event, and by attending the festival you grant permission for your likeness to be used in future event advertising.

3. The Festival reserves the right to remove any individuals for intoxication or rudeness. You will be escorted off of the premises and not allowed to re-enter. Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.

4. Drink responsibly. Know your limit.

5. Pace yourself. This is a tasting event, not a race.

6. No pets allowed.

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